Trouble setting Text Editing in Prefs

I’m in the throes of Nano. Thank goodness there is Scrivener. I’m spending a lot of time in Full Screen mode, and I’d like to change the font that appears there.

In the Text Editing pane in Preferences I can see TIMES NEW ROMAN, 12 PT. as the font under the text box with the Nietzsche quote. But when I click Set Font… the Font menu pops up with just a few fonts on it… Five fonts in a total of ten sizes. Shouldn’t I be able to see any font available to my system?

I also tried typing in the box that shows the font name, but cannot insert the cursor there. I also searched the Font palette for my desired font but it won’t find any font that’s not among the five there already.

The full panoply of 100+ fonts pops up when I click the pop up menu under Script Text Attributes, for example. Why can’t I access these fonts from the Font palette (cmd-T)?

Thanks for any help. I was not able to find this in the Help or Forums.


When you open the font panel, on the left hand side in the pane, it’s not set to something like “Recently used fonts” or “Favourites” or something, as opposed to “All fonts” is it?



Thanks Mark. I don’t even see that as an option, either in the Fonts palette (cmd-T) or in the Prefs panes.


Bungalow your Font Pane may be compressed (See Example A) Which you can fix by clicking (and holding) on the bottom right hand corner of the Font Pane and dragging it to the right. After you drag the right corner the Collections option should be available (See Figure B) in the left hand side. Make sure that the ALL FONTS is selected so no fonts are filtered out. If that makes any sense?

Hope that helps.

Yes! Problem solved! Thank you Wock. I was suffering from a case of laptop-induced Font Pane Compression (FPC). I had dragged the bottom right handle a LITTLE but not enough. It would be great if there were something (a scroll bar?) that indicated some of the window was hidden by being emsmallened.

Thanks to Mark and Wock for replies and to Scrivener and Keith for my 16,760 words of Nanoprose that will change the literary landscape of…my hard drive.



Glad that solved it for ya :slight_smile:

Yeah having a scroll bar would be nice but that is an Apple Thing (GUI) and not a SCR thing so it would need to be the Apple Developers who would have to address that issue.

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On a serious note glad to here your problem is resolved.