Trouble to register


I finished the NanoWrimo tow days ago and finally purchaced your product. :slight_smile:

In the documentation that say :

The problem is i don’t have the “Enter licence…” button in the popup window (i only have a “Try” button) and i dont have “Registration…” in the help menu.

How can I enter my registration key?


P.S.: I use the software in french.

The NaNoWriMo trial version cannot be registered. You’ll need to download the regular trial version from here, which you can install directly over your NaNo installation if you wish. (Your projects are all saved outside the program and won’t be touched, and your program settings, etc. will likewise remain if you’re just overwriting an existing installation.) When you launch that version, you’ll see a trial message showing your remaining days and an option to “Enter License…” where you can paste in your details from your receipt.

Thanks so much for purchasing, and congratulations on writing a novel last month! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick answer. Installing the new version on top of the other did the trick.

My software is now registered and activated.

Thanks for your help. :smiley: