Trouble UPDATING Scrivener Beta18 for Windows

I had the previous Beta 17 installed and actively running on my Windows 10 desktop beyond the expiry date. When I rebooted my laptop I was then unable to relaunch Scrivener. In the past, it would prompt me that an update was available and assist me to download & update.

So, I downloaded beta 18 for Windows and installed it. Then it wouldn’t start.

Reviewing the download post for beta 18, it instructs to first uninstall the previous Windows Beta for Scriventer. When I go to my Settings to Uninstall Scrivener, I see three installations. My guess is the previous updates that were done from the Scrivener prompt to update, did not remove the previous Scrivener beta version.

So I’m not clicking Uninstall for each of the previous Scrivener beta installations. Two of the uninstalls complete. The third did not. I assume the other Uninstalls deleted something that was needed for the 3rd uninstall to run.

At this point, my only option is to re-install the latest Scrivener 3 beta 18. After that’s done, my previous settings and projects are not available. ((So far, my update experience is frustrating and I’m wondering if opening my previous projects might corrupt them??))

In any case, I reset my backup folder and open a previous project by finding it on my hard drive. Now, I’m also having to find all my other projects.

This post serves two purposes:

#1. To inform Scriverner 3 for Windows developers that the upgrade process needs to be fixed to avoid the issues described above, in summary: (a) Update prompt needs to truely update the current installation and not create multiple installations as seen when I try to Uninstall. (b) Provide an ability to export my settings, even if my previous beta version has expired, so I can import settings into the new version; and © to properly update the Scrivener icons in my TaskBar, Desktop and StartMenu.

#2. Question, I’m concerned that my Scrivener installation might be corrupted and my Windows system might be a mess because one of the previous beta installations still remains in my list of Apps (under the Settings page). How can I be certain there aren’t any lurking errors that might corrupt my Windows system OR my existing projects?