Trouble updating to new version

When I click on check for updates, it tells me that I’m up to date with version 1.2. What am I doing wrong? (I purchased from the website.) And I’m running the latest version of High Sierra.

I had that too, I just downloaded the new version from the website and then installed it over top. Seems to have worked fine.

Edit: I need to pay more attention to which forum I’m replying to. Scapple would be at v1.2, wouldn’t it? :unamused:

Sorry about that…


That can’t be right. Either they messed up the update server, or you’re running an ancient version of Scrivener. I don’t even think v1.2 would run on a modern mac.[/size]

We’re waiting until tomorrow to update the feeds for both Scapple and Scrivener—that way it kind of evens things out a bit rather than doing it all in one day.

So for now just grab a copy from the download page and install it.

Update: I read in another thread that in fact the Scapple feed was recently updated. So maybe try it again if you haven’t in a while. I just ran it from an older version and it picked up 1.3.

Thanks all. I downloaded from the web site and reinstalled. All seems fine now.

I had the same issue - 1.2 said it was the latest version when I checked, but I was able to download and run 1.3 from the L&L site just fine.

Apologies for wading in here, but not sure this warrants a new thread!

Am I correct in assuming that the MAS version of Scapple will also be updated to v1.3, or does that only apply to the version purchased directly from L&L?

If the update through the MAS is possible, then presumably I must just be a bit more patient, in that the update hasn’t made its way through the App store system yet?

I would definitely advise being patient. The Scapple update is a (somewhat) minor free update. It is currently still in review along with Scrivener 3; we submitted it last week.