Trouble upgrading/opening existing 2.0 projects

The day after my NANOWRIMO trial expired, I launched Scrivener, and got a message noting the expiration, and saying that I had one grace period to export files, and that otherwise I’d have to register. All well and good.

But then when I click OK, Scrivener just quits. So I could neither export anything, nor access any menu in order to upgrade.

I intend to upgrade in a day or two, as soon as I get the necessary $$… should I just uninstall the NANOWRI version, download the new one, and go from there? Do I uninstall all the prefs and libararies too? Thanks.

Go ahead and download and install the trial version from the Lit&Latte website. Remove the Nanowrimo version fro your Applications folder, but you can hang onto the preferences (.plist files) and everything else; they should all just work smoothly with 2.0, I believe. (The only reason they wouldn’t is if they have another name–the Nanowrimo application itself isn’t just “2.0”, it’s something like “Nanotrial,” so the install won’t work straight over top of it. But I think your preference files are all named appropriately, so don’t delete them. At any rate, keep them until you get 2.0 up and running and you can see if it’s using your preferences.) All your projects and any templates, compile settings, layouts, etc. that you saved specifically will all work with 2.0 just the way they did with the Nanowrimo trial, so obviously don’t delete them!

If you set up any system keyboard shortcuts with the trial, you will have to go redo them for the new version, since the application name is different (and I think you’ll need to do the same for the clippings services), but after this you won’t have to reset them for any 2.x upgrades.

Congrats on your novel, by the way! :slight_smile: