Trouble uploading a novel

Hi everyone,
This is my first post on here. i’ve used Scrivener for years though i’m far from an expert on how it works. I have wrote many short stories on it and uploaded these to KDP on Amazon. Yet when it comes to uploading the novels i’ve finished it’s a different thing altogether.
i have written them in chapters and placed them all in a folder, i’ve tried uploading them, tried formatting them, tried all i can yet the result is the same, i can’t upload them.
Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve moved your note to the Tech Support forum, as it’s really not a “Usage Scenario” question.

A little more information would be helpful. Where does the problem lie? Are you having trouble creating the output document at all? Is Amazon refusing to accept it? Something else? Do you get an error message of any kind?


sorry it has taken so long to reply. I’ve written the story in chapters inside a folder, the problem occurs when i try to upload it. For some reason the folder reads as empty, i know its something I’ve done wrong but i can’t seem to get the whole book to show as such. I’m going to have another run through the uploading process later today and i will detail my steps so hopefully you will be able to point out where it is i am going wrong.


With ‘upload’ I assume you mean Compile, using the compile function in Scrivener?
If the text doesn’t show up, make sure you have ticked the Text boxes for the appropriate parts in the Contents pane when you open the Compile window.

I have produced both ebooks and pdf files for paperback using only Scrivener and managed thanks to a very handy little book by Ed Ditto: “How to format your novel for Kindle, Nook, th iBookstore, Smashwords, and CreateSpace…in one afternoon”

This books describes step by step exactly how to get it to work.

A screenshot of your binder would help us to understand what you mean by

What is the “folder” in question? Where is it? Do you mean the Draft/Manuscript folder? And what form do the chapters take?

Another basic question: have you been through the tutorial which you can find under the Help menu in Scrivener? From the wording of your posts, I would tend to suspect that you haven’t.

Also helpful would be information about your Mac, which version of the Operating System, etc.