trouble while compile my paper with citations using Zotero

This is my first time using Scrivener for my paper. And I got stuck.
I’m using dynamic citations from Zotero, e.g. { | Waller, 2011 |p. 39 | |zu:406345:E2WU46XC} which can be converted later (see … er-part-2/).
I carefully followed the instructions. But the odt result I got before or after I RTF scan never show my citations as footnote but look like endnote, see my attachments TTTT (citations).pdf (38.1 KB). TTTT.pdf (38.4 KB)(they are my testing text)
this is the (18.6 KB)
I checked and checked. The only thing I made change is to change the footnote format while compiling: compile–footnote/comments-- group footnote at <-Endnote->marker. But it doesn’t make any deal.
I am so frustrated. Could you please help me?

ps: I am using openoffice, Window 10, Scrivener 1.9. Thank you!