Trouble with accents

I suspect I’m being a moron, but I’m having trouble using accented characters when exporting to LaTeX via MultiMarkdown. I am using clean-text-allow-latex.xslt, but when I write “`{e}” it only comes through as “`{e}” – the backslash gets stripped. How can I fix this? Alternately, is there some way of designating accented characters in MultiMarkdown? Thanks.


I just reproduced the error myself, but it seems only to kick in if you use the `. '{e} and ={e} go through fine.

But my real question is, why are you accenting text in this way? Why not just type a è? (option-`, e)

It’s fewer keystrokes, and if you use the inputenc package with unicode (or use the xelatex memoir xslt), then it’ll work fine. inputenc is used by default in memoir.xslt.

LaTeX can put all kinds of accents on all kinds of letters, but, then, so can unicode. For a è, it seems that unicode is the more obvious choice.

={e} works here, but '{e} does not :cry: I tried all non-alphanumeric characters from the ASCII range and the following ones seem to trigger the effect:

! " ' ( ) * + - . ` \

There some rare cases where the traditional way of composing accent combinations in TeX might actually work better, but no, not for è … unless svc has a filecontents environment for a .bib file in his Scrivener document… that’s not such a crazy idea actually… :wink:

Weird. I type into Scrivener:



And in the .tex, I get:

`{e} `{e} \`{e} \'{e} \={e}

The second line was to try and see if \ escapes a backslash. The last three obviously typeset fine (though I had to type “- -” and then delete the space to avoid the em dash autoreplace). I wish I knew more about xslts so I could figure out how it does the find/replacing. Considering that of those “triggering” characters you found, not all of them are special MMD characters, it’s weird that it would strip all of them.

Now you’re being perverse :imp: . Although the idea of putting a .bib in the scrivener project is hell of intriguing. I know that there are some things TeX formats better (my friend wanted an i with a macron and a dot. Unicode said “I’m sleeping. Go away!”), but still…

I guess the short version of this all is:

Fletcher, is there a way to trigger an escaped environment where MMD ignores everything inside of it? I know that will let clean LaTeX through, but I mean anything.

“Fletcher and Amber to the rescue! The ship’s got a leak…”

I vaguely remember that Keith said something about Scriver x.x and arbitrary files in the Binder (like MS PowerPoint files being stored in the research folder or something). :question: Who knows? Maybe we don’t need to resort to such means anymore when the next version arrives?

The good thing about the “old way” is that it works with almost every font in pdftex. IIRC, XeTeX needs a font that either has the proper glyph or supports the accent composition feature.