Trouble With Appearance/ Formatting

I was playing around with the general templates, font sizes, everything. It’s the first time I’ve really gone through and checked out the options. For some reason though, the File - Options - Appearance - tabs are too large for my laptop screen (it was not before) and I cannot scroll down to see all the options, reset to default, or save any changes. Whenever I try to make the screen smaller by dragging the corners, the tab disappears completely. Can someone please help? I would really like to edit the appearance.

You’ll have to change the font size here (make it smaller) :

After that, if you don’t see the “OK” button because of the hugeness of things, hit tab once then enter.

That should allow you to then see the whole panel. → Go back to the options.
If your menus where fine before, resize the option panel to the smallest possible size, reset the font size you’ve earlier changed and hit ok (or “Apply” until you are happy with the main app’s menus’ font size.)

Then resize the option panel properly.