Trouble With Bullet Points

I am having trouble with bullet point lists. When I select a bullet point list, the bullet appear and there seems to be a default indentation fo the bullet and the following text. Ok, I understand that and can see how to modify. I also understand that I can hit Tab twice to go to a second level of indentation.

My problem arises when I come to the end fo the list. I hit Return Twice, which I thought would bring me back to my regular “No Style” formatting. But on that line, there are now new Tab stops in locations where there weren’t any before.

Has anyone encountered this? I would like to be able to use my regular formatting (which is a first line indent at 0.5" and a few Tabs at 0.5, 1.0, 1.5) and then insert a bullet point list when I need to and then return to my standard formatting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

It sounds as though Scrivener’s default Preferences are creating those tab stops in your blank line. Scrivener offers two settings where you can add or remove tab stops.

One set of settings is located via Scrivener>Preferences>Editing>Formatting. You can adjust where the tab stops are there, and that will affect all of your Scrivener projects.

You can also adjust your tab stops by going to Project>Project Settings>Formatting. You will need to tick the “Use different default formatting for new documents in the project” box to make the formatting window available.

If you make changes via Project Settings, they will only affect this project; however, they will override the settings that Scrivener has in its Preferences.

Thank you for the response. I had already changed the Project Settings and I just tried changing the global settings as you suggested and the problem persists. I have tabs at every 1/2 inch in both sets of settings. When I create a bullet point, Scrivener automatically adds a tab at 0.15 and places the bullet point there – where does that come from? And then the text begins at 0.5, which is my first tab space in both sets of settings but is now the left margin setting because of the bullet list format. But when I am done with may list and I hit return twice, the next line has 0.39 as its first tab stop? (no idea where that comes from) and then the next tab stop is 1.0. It is as if the first tab stop of 0.5 has been replaced by 0.39. The other thing I noticed is that my default settings have the first line indent marker set at 0.5, but after the bullet list, the first line marker is at 0.0. Not sure what is causing this. Where is the default setting for bullet points found?

I also experimented with two levels of bullet points. The first level appears at 0.15 and the second at 0.65. When I hit return twice after completing the bullet list, I now have tab stops at 0.39 and 0.78 which were not there before and which are not in the global or project settings.

My work around right now is to just change the tabs if necessary in that line created after the bullet list back to my preferred settings but I am curious why this is hsppening

I believe the listing process, whether bulleted or enumerated is provided by the Apple TextKit on which the Scrivener editor is based, and so the indentation and tabbing is set within that (black-box) facility. If my memory serves, this has come up previously and KB wrote that to provide his own listing system would be a huge undertaking, as it would not only concern the editor, but he would have to write separate compile-code for each and every compile target. The same is true for tables.

Who outside the inner circle knows exactly what KB is working on at the moment, but in a recent posting§ he said, " I’m full time on other code that I’ll have my hands full with for the foreseeable future", so who knows if that has anything to do with this.



§ is there a risk that you L&L drop Scapple ? - #11 by paulslater