Trouble with compile in beta

I’m posting this to help others avoid a mistake I made.

I had several different problems with compile in beta, and yes, I knew that compile wasn’t finished yet.

I searched online endlessly, and wasted a lot of time, though I learned a lot in the process.

My problem was that although the download page says compile isn’t completely finished, it was mostly working fine for my purposes, and I couldn’t find a post which simply told me which parts of compile were functional and which weren’t.

I finally discovered that the tutorial for new users–which I had not looked at because I had been using Scrivener successfully for some time–is updated with each new version of the beta to indicate which parts are working and which aren’t.

So if you, like me, are a person who tends not to read the directions first, and are needing to know which parts of the Scrivener Beta are not yet functional–download the current tutorial (Help>Interactive Tutorial) and you can find out there.

I hope this saves some people some time and effort.