Trouble with compile

I’m having a minor but puzzling problem compiling a manuscript: the front matter keeps getting counted as a chapter. Every chapter thereafter is thus misnumbered.

I did some searching for answers and discovered that I should be sure to move the front matter to the “research” rather than the “manuscript” folder. I’ve done that. But when I go to compile, the front matter still appears in the contents of the manuscript folder. If I unclick the “include” box there, it simply doesn’t appear at all in the compile, even though I have the “add front matter” box clicked down at the bottom, with it linked to the appropriate file in the research folder.

It’s almost like Scrivener doesn’t want to recognize that the document is no longer in the manuscript folder.

Thoughts or suggestions?

If you deselect “Include” that tells Scrivener not to include the document in Compile at all, so that would din deed have the effect of not having it recognised as part of the manuscript folder (that’s mainly useful for keeping note documents within the Draft folder).

“Front Matter” is just a way of having extra documents added to the start of what gets compiled. It’s useful if you need different front matter for different export formats. Front matter is treated no differently by Compile than by other documents - that is, any front matter will still have chapter titles and suchlike added. It’s up to the user to set the necessary Compile settings to tell Scrivener how to deal with different documents.

There are a few options here.

One is “Compile As Is”. If that is ticked for a document, then only the text of the document gets compiled (the title isn’t added and suchlike) and the formatting doesn’t get overridden.

Another option is to choose not to have title prefixes or suffixes added for your front matter documents via “Title Adjustments” in Compile.

Another option, which is usually the easiest, is just to ensure that your front matter documents are on a different level to your chapter documents. (You could take a look at the novel template to see how that handles front matter.)

So that we can give you the best advice, perhaps you could take a screenshot of your binder and post it here, indicating which documents are the front matter ones?

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If I understand the easiest option correctly, I believe that’s what I tried to do. But maybe I misunderstood. The screenshot should show the front matter in the research level, separate from the chapters.

Your front matter is at the same level as everything else - when it is added to the top of the list, those documents will be at the same level as your chapter folders - so they will be treated the same as everything else. I therefore recommend using the second option I proposed, namely to use the “Title Adjustments” to tell Scrivener not to add title prefixes and suffixes to your front matter documents (I intend to add a setting to the next update that will make this easier, allowing you to tell Scrivener to omit title prefixes and suffixes for all front matter documents rather than having to turn this setting on or off individually per-document).

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That worked, thanks!

Your fix for removing the title from the front matter worked, but now the titles for the first two chapters have disappeared. I can’t figure out why. Chapter 1 begins with the actual Chapter 3.

Chapters 1 and 2 are not marked “as is” on the contents screen, and they’re not marked as excluded on the title adjustments screen. Only the front matter is.

Any idea where else it might have gone wrong?

I’m not sure each compiling I do seems to introduce new problems.