Trouble with Compile

I’ve been trying to print one of my projects. I made the mistake of not going through the Compile process as throughly as I should have (it was 2am about three months ago).

Since then I’ve added to the manuscript and would like to print a new version of it. But when I hit compile, I don’t get any options to print: as a matter of fact, Scrivener closes! I don’t know what to do. Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much in advance.

What version of Scrivener are you running? (Help > About Scrivener) If you’re on anything earlier than 1.2.5, the first thing to do is uninstall your current version and download and install 1.2.5 from our site. (Reinstalling will not affect your existing projects, which are saved externally to the program (in your Documents folder by default, though you may have chosen another location when creating the project), although it’s always a good idea to back up your work.)

Are you getting this problem on all projects or just the one? If the latter, it’s likely a specific imported file in the binder that is causing the crash, and removing that will restore functionality. Most likely this is a media or unsupported type, so nothing in your actual manuscript. Make a backup of the project (File > Back Up > Back Up To…) and then take a look through the binder and see if you notice one–if you just click your way through the binder, the crash will occur as soon as Scrivener tries to load the problematic file, so you can always identify it that way (all your work up to the last save will survive, and you’ve always got the backup). Once you’ve found it, open Scrivener and lock the editor while viewing a different file (View > Editor > Lock in Place), then trash the bad file and empty the trash. (Keep in mind everything in the trash will be deleted, so make sure you definitely want to get rid of everything in there before you do this.) If you like, you should be able to export the file (File > Export) before trashing it from the project, so you still have an external copy.

Once that’s done, unlock the editor and try compiling again. If it still crashes, repeat the process with the remaining binder documents to make sure there aren’t any other crashers in there.

If that doesn’t seem to be the problem, could you navigate to your Scrivener installation folder in Windows Explorer (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener) and look for the “minidump” folder there to see if it has any files? Scrivener should be generating a crash report, which might help us track this down. If the folder contains any files from the times you were trying to compile, please zip them and attach them here or send them to AT literatureandlatte DOT com with a link to this thread.

I am currently running 1.2.5. I just downloaded it last night after realizing that I had an older version with another error in it (claiming there was no internet connection to update by when there clearly was one). I uninstalled that version (not sure which it was) and downloaded the current update.

I followed your instructions and clicked through the binder (which seems huge!). Scrivener did not crash, but I found one folder with text that did not upload all the way. I’m not sure what that means. I am trying to load a screenshop but having trouble… so I’ll post this and get back to that.

The minidump file is empty as of 10/29.

I am having a similar problem. Every time I go to File > Compile, Scrivener freezes up and I have to force quit.


I’m still not sure what’s up with the first project, BUT…

I opened a new project. Spent most of the afternoon transferring all the text files from first project to second project. Then went through the compile process VERRY carefully over the course of about an hour, checking everything twice. VOILA! It prints!

I forgot and disconnected my printer from my laptop (they’re wirelessly connected) in the midst of printing. Naively I assumed that when I reconnected the two, the printer would pick up where it left off, on page 253.

It didn’t. It went all the way back to page one and started printing from the beginning.

I hit cancel as soon as I figured that out - which was about a hundred pages later.

I tried to tell the program to start again - with page numbers - from page 253. Guess what?
Nuh-uh. The printer didn’t like that. OR maybe Scrivener didn’t like it. All I know is, it wouldn’t print.

THEN I thought - okay, I can tell it to compile, beginning at the chapter where it stopped printing… and that worked - until I realized that it starts over with the page numbers again. So Part two, Chapter four, now has page number 3, which is not correct.

I am hoping there is a solution to this problem, because my printer only holds about 280 pages. If it’s the printer, I can get someone to work on that - but it seems like it might be Scrivener. Is anyone else having this issue? Am I going to have to “start over” every time I have to pause a print job because I’ve run out of paper?

When that happens to me I simply load more paper and the printer continues on. No big deal.

You could try compiling to .rtf or .doc and printing it from another program, I guess, which would atleast let you know if the “won’t print from a later page” thing is Scrivener or the printer.

But as almansur said… adding more paper to the printer is generally a good work around. :wink:

Okay, gonna give it another shot.

I"m going to search the forums, but jsut in case someone sees this and actually knows what to do…

how do you insert a blank paged between, say - your title page and the first page of your draft?

I have my printer set to duplex - and when I made my first failed attempt yesterday, the page that said “Part One: (subtitle)” was printed on the back of the title page. Do I just stick a blank “text doc” in the binder between the title page and part one?

Try searching for “front matter”.

Hmm. Searching for “Front Matter” did not turn up anything.

Thanks to those who gave advice on the printing front - I reloaded the paper AND changed the cartridge without the world exploding. Sooo happy!

Ah, perhaps you’re too focused on printing while I was referring to your “insert a blank paged”. I suggest you read all the posts located by searching the Windows forums for “front matter”. There I think you’ll find that Scrivener is not a word processor and that such things as front matter and page numbering are best left to your word processor, such as Open Office.