Trouble with compiler

And actually, all I am trying to do is view my entire document as one long document, not as scrivenings or whatever they’re called. I’m pretty irritated that it’s taken me several hours and I can’t get one good answer on how to do this. Is there a way, besides compiling it? Can I just view all the sections as one document without compiling? I’d like to know because I want the word count of the entire thing, and for some reason it’s not giving it to me in “word count”.

Anyway, I tried compiling in standard manuscript format, and all I kept getting was a small window that flashed on the screen and then disappeard before I even had time to read it. Maybe it was a backup screen? I don’t know, but I was never shown a document after that. And then when I looked at step-by-step directions on an unaffiliated website, I realized that when I got into the “contents” section so that I can select what to include, there is NOTHING THERE. Why is this? Where is my content? I know there are at least 40,000 words of text, why is it not showing any of my individual sections? Chapters–not in there. Scenes–not in there. “Contents” is completely blank. Why why why??? This is so infuriating, I am almost ready to let my $40 go and return to Word. NOT user friendly at all, and I’m not even an idiot. Any help would be greatly appreciated, despite my irritable rant.

There’s no way, as far as I’ve found, of seeing the entire document in one long form within Scrivener without using the Scrivenings setting.

There are a couple reasons I can think of that your “Contents” area of the compile screen might be blank. One is if right above the box that should have files and folders, you have something selected in the drop-down menu that has no text or folder. This is the drop-down under the “Format As:” drop-down, but above the contents matrix. To show everything in your project, make sure you have selected the most top-level container (Draft, Manuscript, or whatever you might have named it). It’ll be the first selection in the menu, right after you click it, just above “Search Results”.

Another possible reason is if your individual documents/folders have “Include in Compile” unchecked in the inspector. If you can’t view the inspector, click the blue circle in the upper right corner of the program window with the italicized “i” within it (right next to the search box). “Include in Compile” is then within the “General Meta-Data” pane of the inspector, that can be made visible by clicking the triangle next to the name (if this pane isn’t already visible). Make sure the option has a check in the box.

If neither of these fixes work for you, and you’re not willing to uninstall/reinstall the program (this shouldn’t affect your projects, just the program files, but if you do this, maybe make a backup of the project on an external drive just to be safe), then I’m not sure how else to help you on this front and you’re better off waiting for an official answer from one of the L&L people or simply sending an email to their customer support people.

If you do get your content to appear in the compile screen, then when you compile you tell Scrivener where to save the compiled chosen text, and in what format. It doesn’t open it automatically. You have to then go to where you chose to save that file and open it up via whatever system editor/viewer you use to view/edit the particular kind of file you chose to compile to.

Reading another support thread made me think there might be another reason you’re not seeing anything in your “Contents” box. Your text and folders might not be correctly indented in the binder under your Draft (or Manuscript) folder. The compiler won’t work with stuff in the Research Folder, and if all of your content is at the same level in the binder as the Draft folder, instead of nested within it, and you’ve chosen the Draft folder in the drop-down I mentioned above, they won’t show up.

Hope one of the methods I’ve listed works for you.

Reading your replies makes my head want to explode, but I will try that. :smiley: Thank you for your help.

That worked! Thank you! I just indented all my files to the right, and now I can get the word count for the entire project AND all the files show up when I go into the “compile” screen. Thanks so much–I only wasted about 2 hours before reading your reply trying to sort it all out. :open_mouth:

Glad I was able to help!

Thank you, also! I had the same problem, and indenting to the right worked for me, too. :smiley: