Trouble with exporting project from Mac

Hi everyone.

I’ve been writing my thesis on a macbook, but it recently broke down. Thus, I bought a PC laptop. Now I’m having some trouble exporting my project to my Windows version of Scrivener.

First off, I couldn’t open the original version of the project, as it was written in a newer version of Scrivener. I’ve previously solved that by exporting the project as a Scrivener 2 file (thank you guys for that tip, by the way), so I figured I’d just do that again.

The problem is, when I open the project it’s almost completely blank. A ton of the documents are just empty, but weirdly not all of them. Either way, I can’t work on my thesis until this problem is solved. Do any of you have a clue as to the source of the problem?

One more thing: Whenever I try to open the project by clicking on the .scrivx file, I get an error saying that it ‘requires elevation’. I can open it from the task bar, however. Could the issues be connected?