Trouble with front matter during compile

I’m having a problem including the front matter in my compiling to a standard manuscript format. In the front matter folder, I select manuscript format and title page to be included in the compile. I’m compiling to a Microsoft Word file. Scrivener will compile, but the first page of the word document is labeled CHAPTER ONE about of the third of the way down. Below that, in a hairline box, is the top of the page information: my information to the left and the word count to the right.

Below that, is the title of the book and the byline. Page 2 of the manuscript Word document has the correct header information at the top right: Name / BOOK TITLE / page. Then, the actual first chapter of the book is labeled CHAPTER TWO. I tried to figure out from scratch what’s happening, including opening up a new default novel template, and creating some placeholder chapter/text information, and front matter content. The same thing happens. For some reason, scrivener is counting the personal information/title page (the front matter) as a chapter.

Any suggestions as to how to remedy this would be greatly appreciated!