Trouble with Import and Split

I’m trying to import a Word doc using Import and Split. I have hashtags between each scene I want to separate, and I designated that as the character separator in the Import/Split window. But nothing happens. Sometimes it flashes a status saying it’s importing, but it gets up to 3% then disappears and nothing is imported. Sometimes that doesn’t happen at all.
The doc has no images; it is straight up text that was compiled from Scrivener in the first place. I subsequently made edits to it in Word, thinking I’d be able to use Import and Split to get it back in. Should have tested it first!
I am able to import this document without the split, but I’d really like to have it laid out in scenes without having to do the splits manually. I saved the doc as RTF for the heck of it, just to see if that would help. (No.)

I’m not too sure about the import and split, having not tested it myself, but if the complete document has the # then you could just do a find and manually split them. That way you could name them as you go. F3 = find next.

Something to check though, is the # bold? # or italic? # I’ve found that scrivener is very literal when it comes to the search and find. You best paste it directly from trhe documednt. The color of the highlight must be exact for example.

Have you determined whether it is a problem with the file or the split function, yet? If not, I would test that by importing the file normally as one big chunk. If that works fine, would this RTF file be something you’d be willing to send to our support so we can take a look at it and see what is tripping up the split function?

I noticed something when I imported my cousin’s cookbook into scrivener. Scrivener loves ODT files over doc and docx. I could not get the file to imort as a docx so I opened the file up in Libre office 5, saved it as an odt and imported it again. This time it imported pretty well, there were no images or tables but that is minor. All the text that she worked so hard on was there. She immedately started chopping her file up under my guidance. Last I heard we had another scrivener convert :slight_smile:

Anway, this is also true with rtfs. I used to use atlantis ocean mind then I switched to MS word for the curly quotes on the android app and onedrive. I imported 2/3 books into scrivener without issues. When I decided to get the third one in I found that the formatting was shot along with all kinds of weird characters scattered through out the document. I remembered my cousin’s document and tried to odt it. it was a flawless victory.

Perhaps you might want to try ODT format. Couldnt hurt. :smiley:

Thanks for the tips! Nothing is making Import and Split work for me though. I am able to import it and split it manually (which I finally did) but would love to be able to use the “split” feature in future! I tried the .ODT option and tried other Word files but no dice. I also tried using different separators.

I can send a file for troubleshooting purposes. How do I do that?

Zip the project and, then email the zipped copy and/or the file you’re trying to import to with the title of this thread as the subject.

If the zipped project etc. is too big for your email system to handle, someone else will have to advise you how to get it to them.

Good luck.

Mr X

YES!! Turns out I had the older version so I upgraded to the latest and Import and Split worked!

Glad to hear it! Thanks for the update.