Trouble with indents and para format - Scriv 3

I am finding that some paragraphs lose the usual formatting - especially the hanging indent.

They will all stick to the left margin. I have had some success with going through menus to increase indent, but this does not always work.

Sometimes I will highlight two paras that need reformatting, but only one will accept the switch to the chosen style. I will then need to hit return, then cut and paste the wonky para without formatting into the new indent point.

I have tried to find a way to reformat them with one click as I would in Word, but cannot make this work.

Could someone guide me through the steps, or to a video that gives a walkthrough?

Also - is there a way to customize toolbars?

Thank you

Anyone have thoughts on this?

Thank you

The standard way to customise toolbars in any Mac application is to right click on the toolbar.

As to formatting, the first thing I would do is to show the ruler (Cmd-R) and see what is going on there. And turn on Show Invisibles for further troubleshooting.

If you’re leaving your text unstyled (“No Style” in the styles drop-down) and you want all that unstyled text to be formated the same way, you can go either to Scrivener->Preferences->Editing for setting the default to all/most project or Project->Project Settings->Editing for just this project, format the text there as you like. Then select documents in the binder and use the Documents->Convert->Text to Default Formating menu. You’ll get a pop-up window with a number of options for what to modify, and then you can either cancel or execute the change on those selected documents.

That should do it for all the text that doesn’t have a style set. If you are using styles for these paragraphs, is the style set as a paragraph style or a character style? Are you updating the style itself (Format->Style->Redefine Style From Selection) once you’ve reformatted a paragraph the way you want it?