trouble with line endings

Hi. I’ve been researching a story I’m writing, copying some text and stories from the web into clippings in Scrivener. It’s mostly been going smoothly, but I’ve run into trouble with a couple of stories where the text gets squished into a column about an inch and a half wide.

I actually copied the text into a text edit document, reformated by removing all the line endings, and reestablishing the paragraph breaks, but when I copied it into Scriviener, it went back to being an inch and a half wide.

Any suggestions?

Press Cmd-R and check your Ruler margins. It might be that when you pasted the first time it set things that way, and when you pasted the second time it was from a plain text editor and thus did not establish any style parameters, inheriting what was already there.

If it happens in multiple Scrivener documents – it could be that you have your default settings in Text Editing of preferences set up with a faulty margin width.

Good thoughts, but nope. The ruler setting is nice and wide, and it’s not happening in multiple docs.

Here’s a pic to show what’s happening:

(by the way, what’s the trick when using the posting tools to do that more easily?)

Not sure what the issue is, but this has happened in every single program I use at times, including DevonThink. It’s not a Scrivener issue, I don’t believe. I’d be curious if someone can answer this one too.

Looks like it has a load of hard line breaks after the end of each line…

Yeah, that’s how it looks, but as I said, I used the services menu reformat command to remove all the line endings. This seems to be a pure formating issue.

I know this formatting problem from DevonThink too. Sometines I have only 1 char in a single line.

My workaround: I set the values for tables to zero, 0 lines and 0 columns. Most of the times it works.

I’ve never had this … and I’m totally new to Scrivener and I don’t use DevonThink, but what Ursula says strikes me as being a distinct possibility for an explanation. Some web pages are built on tables though they look like ordinary text pages, so when you import them, you may well be importing a table with all its borders hidden. In that case, presumably Scrivener will format the incoming table with whatever cell width is set as its default. Ursula’s 0/0 approach would basically be saying “Table of 0 dimension” and so the text just gets dumped on the page.

I selected the copy and then chose ‘table’ from the text menu, but all the settings were at zero, so I don’t think that’s it. But thanks for the attempt!

I think you’re absolutely right that I’ve imported some weirdness from the web, but I don’t seem to be able to get rid of it.