Trouble with project titles.

I’ve just started using Scrivener and found myself in trouble from step one. When I create a new project it launches as soon as I start typing in the title. This seems to happen when I hit the space bar.

Are spaces disallowed in titles? Can you retitle a project?

(I hope this isn’t as obvious as it probably is. I did do a search… … but I am a complete know-nothing when it comes to dealing with message boards, etc. If I missed an easy answer I apologize in advance.)

Amber was talking on another thread about a system key setting which allows the space-bar to act on a button in an alert or similar pane … maybe you have that set so that when you press it, it is the equivalent of pressing the “OK” button to open the project. If you can find that and turn it off, you should be able to have spaces in a project name … you can have spaces in file names generally.

But if you open the finder Documents folder, find the Scrivener folder and open that – that’s the default location where Scrivener projects are saved, you can edit the project names the way you can edit any file name … highlight, click again, do any editing then press “Enter” to end editing … actually highlight and press “Enter” also takes you into filename editing rather than doing the extra click or clicking twice so it’s too fast with the result that the project is opened.



I have never had the spacebar conflict with text editing. As long as the “highlight” halo is around the “Project Name” text field, you should be okay. If it isn’t there, you should not even be able to type at all.

There is no reason I can think of that this would be happening - if you hit the return or enter key, editing will end and the project will be created, but not the space key. Do you have any more info?

Sorry to have wasted time or led you to believe there was a bug in the program. It turned out to be a hardware issue.

If you’re interested here are the details.

Hardware probably isn’t the right word… it was a rubber band issue. I use a split keyboard. My back makes in necessary for me to work laying down so I type with my hands at my sides, half the keyboard on each side. I used to use double-sided tape to fasten the keyboard and a wrist support to pieces of chip board. The tape failed so regularly that I recently switched over to using rubber bands. One of the rubber bands was depressing a control key.

I make a rule of going through all the cable connections, etc, before panicking but this was a new one for me. Again, sorry for the kerfuffle.

Lol! If only all support issues were caused by a rubber band! :smiley: