trouble with "Recent Projects" menu

Ever since I installed 1.0, the “Recent Projects” menu has stopped working. Selecting an item in it does nothing. I can open projects from the open menu, double clicking on them in Finder, bringing them up in Quicksilver, etc., but opening them from that one menu doesn’t work.

Have you tried clearing the menu and letting it repopulate again? I am having no trouble using the recent items. I’ve been using it all day as a matter of fact.

Clearing doesn’t work either. The same items stay there. Opening new items from the Open menu makes them show up at the top of the “Recent Projects,” but then clicking on those new entries does nothing.

Something you could try, if you do not mind a little plist surgery, is to open up the Scrivener preferences file, and delete all of the entries in the array, NSRecentDocumentRecords. Launch Scrivener, and the list should be gone (though it will be populated with whatever documents you had open last, if any).

If that is all a little too technical, then just try moving the whole preference file out to the desktop, launch Scrivener, open a few documents, close them and see if it works then. You’ll lose all of your other preferences though, which is why if you can manage the first solution that would be best.

Kind of icky. Just out of curiosity, did you upgrade to 1.0 using the built-in updater, or by downloading the full DMG? I used the built-in updater.

Hmm, strange. I have never heard of this happening before. I have nothing to do with the “Recent Projects” menu, to be honest, it just comes “for free” in any OS X app… Strange. I really don’t know what to suggest. You might want to try searching for the preferences file (com.literatureandlatte.scrivener) in the Finder and then trashing it, then seeing if it works. You will lose your preferences, though.

I just figured it out. Kind of. And it had nothing to do with Scivener. I was running an app called menufela that auto hides the menu bar. For some reason, that was killing the recent items menu in all apps, but I’d only noticed the issue in Scrivener. Turning menufela off solved it. Sorry for the false alarm.

-Aaron Powell

Ha, well hopefully your preferences for Scrivener are still intact!

Phew! Thanks for taking the time to let me know it wasn’t Scrivener.