Trouble with saving background to theme (Scrivener 3 Windows)


I’m having trouble saving a background to a theme. Everything is okay with the text, colors, font, etc. But when it comes to changing the background, my problem is the background isn’t exactly saved to the theme. (Pathway: File>Options>Appearance>Main Editor>Colors>Fixed Width Background>Choose Texture…). When I switch to another theme, that background image that I changed to is still there with this different theme. If I change the background to default color, then switch to my theme I made, the background image isn’t there.

I’m new to Scrivener and am just following tutorials I found, but am I doing it wrong, or is it not working properly?

I don’t know much about themes, but what happens when you set the background under File / Options / Appearance / Composition Mode / Screen Background?

Oh I actually meant this for the main editor, not the composition mode background.

However, upon doing your pathway, I’m finding I can’t change the background that I had set. Even changing it back to default (although shows the default color) still shows the previous composition mode background.

Figured out the problem about not being able to change the background in composition mode, lol. Had to do that through Project Settings. Now back to the original problem of wanting to assign the side background image around the main editor to a saved theme. Seems that I’m just going to have to change that individually aside from loading the theme.

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