Trouble with scratchpad tabbing

I’ve been working in the Scratchpad doing some notes like the following. I use ctrl-cmd and left or right arrow to indent my points to different levels: (I prepared this post in Scratchpad and pasted to the post, but the scratchpad formatting did not carry over, so I used space bar to show the indents–but they don’t show when I post, so please picture the “subpoints” as indented.)

-this is the first point
-this is a subpoint
-second subpoint
-new main point inserted
-new main point
-and another
-first supoint here
-second subpoint here
-here also

But with an existing scratchpad doc this process has stopped working.

In the ‘testing’ Scratchpad document, when I enter a new line (I typed ‘-new main point inserted’ and then used ctrl-cmd-left arrow to move it to the top level), it moves like I want, to the left (i.e. to the "first level). But this has stopped working (worked initially) in my older document. Instead, when I do ctrl-cmd-left arrow in the older document, the new line is deleted and I get the next existing line (e.g, ‘-new main point’ in my example) shifted to the right a full tab distance (not the shorter indents that had been occurring previously and occur in my testing example).

Curiously, when I right click in the older document, I get a option “Re-number list.” When I try that, it does some screwy entry of numbering, but nothing that is consistent with my original different-level notes.

This ‘Re-number list’ option does not show in the ‘testing’ document. So it looks like Scrivener has somewhere, for some unknown reason, changed the older document to some kind of list? Why and when would it do that, and how can I undo that so it works like it originally did and like it works in my ‘testing’ document?

(More from scriveric) I don’t understand what’s happening. I even copied and pasted the Scratchpad document into BBedit, which should have stripped everything. Then I pasted it back into a Scrivener document (not Scratchpad), and the stupid numbering is still there.

Where did it come from and why can’t I get rid of it and just return to my