Trouble with some accents

a picture means thousand words at a time.

Maybe a bug.

Hmm, I’m afraid to say the picture doesn’t help me out in this case, as I can’t quite get a result like you posted. Here is what I did:

  1. In Scrivener I typed “xxème there”, in 14pt Cochin.
  2. Select the “ème” part and use the Format/Font/Baseline/Superscript menu command, with expected results.
  3. Use Format/Font/Baseline/Lower with expected results.

I then repeated all tests in TextEdit and got the same behaviour (correct in my case).

Thank you AmberV for the answer.

You’re right for the method but unfortunately that don’t fix the accent’s issue.

With the Cochin font that works well, but with many other fonts that don’t work (cambria, Arial, Courrier, etc.)

But the problem seems not coming from Scrivener; I’ve tried with and it gets the same bad result.

On the other hand, the fonts which have the problem, work well with MS Word.

Interesting, I don’t have the Microsoft font in your list (and so possible the Arial and Courier I have are different from yours, if Office installs different versions of those), but those others look fine to me. I did finally find a font (excluding a bunch that obviously aren’t meant to be used for their Latin alphabet, like Malayalam) that reproduced the issue, and noticed some things about it that are clear in your screenshot as well. Setting something to superscript shouldn’t change the font size all by itself—but in the fonts where this is happening, non-accented letters seem to be far smaller than they are reporting themselves to be in the format bar—almost like a font’s vertical position typography is being triggered as well as the text engine’s baseline adjustment, resulting in text that is essentially supersuperscripted (the “me” part) next to text that is superscript (“é”) next to text that is normal (“xx”).

The two fonts I have that reproduce it are both custom fonts I have installed that have extensive typographic features—including vertical spacing adjustments, which create superscript characters without formatting. While I can use that setting to create super/subscript text, it won’t allow me to basically select “normal” when the formatting range itself is already superscript.

I bet there is some weird interaction there that is messing things up. It’s a bug for sure, but I’m not sure if it is a font problem or a macOS problem.