Trouble with structure-based headings


I’m trying to use the outliner and compile settings to establish structure-based section types with corresponding formatting to generate a document in APA style.

This is my first time trying this, and I’m having a bit of a hard time.

I’m including some screenshots of my settings and the output.

Could anyone offer me some advice?

Binder screenshot:
[attachment=2]diss-formatting-sandbox02 2020-10-01 21-48-56.png[/attachment]

Text section with in-line annotation:
[attachment=1]diss-formatting-sandbox02 2020-10-01 21-49-48.png[/attachment]

Project section types:
[attachment=0]Monosnap 2020-10-01 21-51-11.png[/attachment]

Will add more images in next reply, looks like there may be a limit.

Ahem. I believe I’ve figured it out— after a few hours of toying with this, it’s become clearer.

Sorry for the bother. ;)

Just a quick note. From your screenshot, it looks like you’re developing your own manuscript inside the Interactive Tutorial project. I’d recommend starting a new project (File → New Project) and dragging your manuscript into it.

That’s likely to make things less confusing down the road, not least because you won’t be “inheriting” the Tutorial’s Compile settings. They were designed for pedagogical purposes, so in some places they may be intentionally “wrong.” (Fixing them is part of the Tutorial.)