Trouble with styles

I use styles extensively in my document development. I’m used to them behaving a particular way:

  • You define the style’s appearance;

  • When you apply the style to text, the text inherits that style’s appearance; and

  • Later changes to the style will change the text’s appearance.

As far as I can tell, that’s not how Scrivener works. I can’t even find a way of changing a style’s appearance - I have to delete the style and redefine it. When I do so, the text definitely doesn’t change appearance.

I think you’re inheriting these problems from TextEdit. That doesn’t make it suck any less, though.

This is a really big issue for me. I’m torn - I love everything else about Scrivener, and want to use it for developing all documents I produce. The problem with styles, though, will hose me.


Thanks for your comments.

As you say, Scrivener gets this stuff from TextEdit - or, more accurately, from the standard OS X text system, for which TextEdit is the “showcase” app. The same goes for a lot of Scrivener’s text editing capabilities - Scrivener is most certainly not a fully-blown word processor (and it’s not intended to be). So, unless Apple change the styles system (unlikely, given that Leopard changed very little in the text system’s major features), Scrivener is kind of stuck with it. Certainly, it’s too far in the direction of the word processor end of things for me to want to spend time developing a different styles system (which would be onerous and time consuming and not something I would use myself), as this is not what Scrivener was intended for.

I know there are a few other users who will heartily agree with you, who would like a better styles system, but I have to be honest and say that it is unlikely to change. (Given the fact that I never use styles in other programs, either, I would not be the best person to try to code a good styles system anyway.)