Trouble with text icons

The icon beside one of my text documents has changed from a white page to a yellow page. The word count has also disappeared when I click into this document. How do I get the word count back/why did this change?

Also is there anyway to link labels to the status? It would be nice to have a quick visual identifier of the status of various text documents within my folders.

You have entered scriptwriting mode for this document (Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode, or cmd-8), so you just need to turn it off again.

I’m not sure what you mean about linking labels to the status. What sort of visual identifier are you after?

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Thanks. Must have hit a short cut by accident.

I am working on a large thesis and I am looking for a quick visual way to gauge the overall progress of the documents in my project

Basically I set up labels like “First Draft” and “second draft” and gave the labels colours which I can see in Binder. Red is for first draft, yellow for second and so on. Pic attached of what I am talking about

Is there a way I can use the status option to do this for me instead of colouring in my documents and typing labels manually?

I know outliner does something like this but I have to manually select each text and folder for it to work…

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Not sure I’m following exactly what you’re after here… so apologies in advance if this is wide of the mark.

The name attached to each coloured label is just an user-definable string of text – some are provided by default, but you can overwrite them, or add to them / delete them as you wish.

So why not just have your labels reflecting the status directly? You can customise the colours and what they mean in Project > Meta-Data Settings.

Double click on each text item and change the text to First Draft, Second Draft etc. and your labels now reflect status. You can ignore the current ‘Status’ field settings, or repurpose them if that’s useful.

BTW, you can change the label / status of more than one document at a time by selecting them in the binder, and choosing the relevant entry in the context (right-click) menu. Your documents will then show in the correct colour and the outline will show the correct text.

You can even change the name of the outliner field from ‘Labels’ to ‘Status’ if you wish (although you’d better change the current ‘Status’ field name to something else at the same timeto avoid confusion…:wink:).

Again, apologies if I’ve misunderstood what you’re after…

Thanks. Is there anyway to view all of my ‘Document Notes’ at once for my text documents?

Not as far as I know (but I could be wrong…)

The nearest you can get to it is to (mis)use the synopsis field, which can be seen for multiple documents both in Outline and Corkboard views.