Troubles after installing a new browser

Hi everybody,

I use the German Scrivener version with Mountain Lion and tried to install firefox as my new standard browser yesterday. (Safari had gotten somewhat unreliable, but I didn’t want to upgrade to Yosemite oder El Captain). As I had some problems with the imported bookmarks from Safari, I restarted the Mac this morning and now I get the “message” that was not bought on this mac (which is not true) and that I have to verify the sale with my apple-id, so that can be installed on the new device.

Why did this happen? Could it have anything to do with the new browser? And, most important: Can I give my ID without having to fear a loss of data?

Thanks in advance,


I’ve seen that happen a few times. It’s probably just Apple’s DRM at work, something on the computer or with the network it attaches to changed enough to trigger it into verification mode. You might be able to get past it by loading the App Store software and logging in there using its menus. Then you at least know what is asking for your ID and password, rather than some random dialogue box.

I can’t think of any reason why this would have occurred merely by downloading another browser and using it though, or even changing the system default to Firefox.

I got the same message by opening readkit. And the message “proofing Scrivener“ when opening Scrivener?
No new browser…

And what did you do, Ger66?

The app store doesn’t ask for anything, it says “Hallo Ruth”. They know me already, it seems. :slight_smile:

What should I do? I got three options:

  1. I give my ID and hope that everything works just normal.
  2. I click “cancel” and hope that everything works just normal.
  3. I restart the mac a second time and hope … well.

Hi Ruth,
I think it is because of my new software virusbarrier. After starting new virusbarrier was proving some other apps.

Okay, that sounds somehow reasonable to me.

What frightens me is the word “install”. It sounds so … tabula rasa.

“Verifying” Scrivener is more like: Don’t worry, your data will still be there after you give us your ID, we just want to make sure it’s you …

I’ve just had this too. I hadn’t opened Scrivener for a few days; in the meantime, out of frustration with Safari, I installed the beta of OmniWeb 6 to see if any progress had been made on it since I’d had to abandon it some months ago as it had become unstable. I think no further work had been done and it has been abandoned — sadly — so I will remove it.

However, when I open Scrivener, I am told it has to be activated on this computer. I force quit, but will restart and click OK. Non App-store version.

Mr X

Okay, I just did it. I gave my ID in the pop-up window. Scrivener opened automatically and “told” me that it was damaged and had to be deleted and bought again in the app-store (hyperventilation).

I clicked “Ok”, closed Scrivener, opened it again and … everything worked just normal. My actual novel was there, I tried some older stuff. No problems.

I hate things that I don’t understand, but anyway. Let’s try some gratefulness for the status quo.

Thanks for being there, guys.

Weird, that error message is commonly given when a program you’re trying to run doesn’t pass the gate keeper settings in the system preferences security panel. It shouldn’t even be a factor with MAS software though.

Oh yeah, that’s not going to be a problem. Even if you never got Scrivener running again for some strange cosmic reason, your projects would be fine—just not something you could open natively on that machine. Kind of like if you uninstalled everything that can read an Excel file, nothing happens to the Excel files, you just can’t open them until you install Numbers, Office or something.

Anyway, glad to hear things are running fine again. I do wonder if Apple’s servers had a hiccup though. I had a message like that earlier, but I just assumed it was because my provider switched over today so my IP address is different. Maybe it’s all related to the same glitch though?

I guess you’ve heard it by now? The problem does indeed come from apple. I can only give you a German link, maybe one of you can add an English “version”? … 19693.html