Troubles with french accent

Hi there!
I used Scrivener for something like 4 or 5 years. I just installed linux (Elementary OS) on my computer and tried Scrivener, but I can"t do any french accent (like “ê”, wich is a combinaison of two touches).
I’m using the Scrivener version on a Apiimage, found on “the way of linux” website.
So, is there a way to ennable this? Or should I use the Scrivener version in the forum?
Or should I use Wine?
Thank you verry much :wink:

I think the sensible course is to use WINE. The Linux version hasn’t had any updates for years and apparently there are no plans to create a V. 3 for Linux. If you use WINE and the Windows version you will be able to keep up to date.

I am running Windows beta 16, the current beta, on my Mac using CrossOver—as that saves me all the hassle of learning how to set up WINE. It is a beta and bugs are still being found and being squashed, and some features are not fully implemented yet though the GUI is there. That said, in terms of writing your text it is functional and generally stable—my Windows using collaborator in China uses it, certainly for our joint projects, without problems.

The other point is that the Betas are free, and if you use them—and hopefully participate by reporting issues you find—then you will be given a licence for v… 3 when it is finally ready for launch.

Version 3 is a giant step compared with the Linux version.


Waw, that seems to be amazing!
But is there any crashes, or any problems with saving project if I do it? I write my thesis on Scrivener… :frowning:

All I can say is that we, my collaborator and I, haven’t experienced any crashes or problems with saving, though I only install each successive beta to have it to hand in case she has problems, and to start setting up a Compile Format—something which probably won’t concern you for a while and for which any issues may well have been sorted out by the time you need to go into Compile. I think I got her onto the betas around version 6 when it seemed to be stable enough for our needs, and it meant I could use v. 3 for Mac for collaborating.

That said, there have been people reporting crashes. The best thing for that would be to do a search of the Beta testing forum for threads where people have reported crashes and take it from there. Also, search for any threads concerning “placeholders” as you will probably need to get to grips with that.

And look for posts by Garpu, who has long used the Windows version under WINE on Linux and is probably the most knowledgeable on that score. Potentially, there may have been instances where it has crashed under WINE, but not under Windows itself, and Garpu is likely to know.



I’ve been using Beta 3.0 (really 2.9.016) exclusively these days, and I haven’t had a crash or lost work. That having been said, it’s a beta, and accidents happen, even on stable software. Compile as a backup and save remotely, and keep other backups of the Scrivener project, itself, and you should be OK. I haven’t had any crashes or hangs that the Windows people aren’t also getting, but they exist. Granted, I’m a pretty basic Scrivener user, so other bugs may exist if you’re using features I don’t.

Only problem I have is that sometimes Scrivener grabs the audio system and doesn’t relinquish control when it’s shut down (and sometimes leaves stray WINE processes going, which are easily killed with lsof.) That’s only really a problem if you’re using another WINE application after. (But is fixed by a reboot.)