Troubles with Large Document

Along with using Scrivener for novel writing, I have a document for recipes. I have several hundred recipes plus matching pictures organized into my document, however the more recipes I add, the slower Scrivener works. I understand that it’s a massive document and things take time, but it constantly freezes or crashes and it takes several seconds to transition between texts. Even copying and pasting takes a really long time. I don’t know what you guys can do about it, but I would appreciate any help. (Yes, Scrivener is completely up to date.)
Thank you! :slight_smile:

A Scrivener project is made up of multiple folders and individual files. As I recall, a newly created project contains, among other things, a Manuscript folder, which in turn contains one Chapter folder, which in turn contains one Scene text file. The Chapter and Scene items can renamed to whatever seems most appropriate. Some might write entire chapters as single large lumps of text (Chapter, no Scene items), others might write chapters as a sequence of multiple Scene items. Such sequences of items can be viewed together (known as "scrivening’) and compiled together.

More than a few pictures within a given Scene item (or whatever you choose to call it… perhaps Recipe xxx) tend to result in slowness.

A couple of workarounds (there are probably others):

  • Put each recipe (text and photo) in its own text file (Scene xxx, Recipe xxxx, whatever you chose to call it). You will then be able to work on each one quickly, while still being able to view or compile them out as a larger collection. Viewing several simultaneously, via ‘scrivening’ view (ex: clicking on folder containing several) may still prove sluggish.
  • Use links/small placeholders for the images, with the images actually residing elsewhere than in the text file item containing the recipe(s) text. That way, they get included at compile time, but don’t bog editing down.

Thank you for your reply!
I’ll use links instead of copying the actual photo. I like the photo itself because it makes quicker reference of what I’m looking for looks like, but the sluggishness is so awful that I have to do something else.
Again, thanks, and I’ll definitely use your suggestions! :slight_smile:

Do you use the images in the synopsis? There’s a bug we’ve fixed for the next version that causes the synopsis image to be reloaded repeatedly when working with the document, which can cause noticeable lag, especially for larger images. If this is what you’re getting, you may want to try just reducing the image file size or moving it from the synopsis to another area (insert it into document notes, for instance) until the next update, then start putting the images back in the synopses and see if things are working more quickly.

Each recipe has its own ‘New Text’ sheet, filed inside a labeled category folder. At the end of the directions for the recipe I paste a picture of the recipe. I’m not exactly a superb user of Scrivener, so I don’t know where the ‘synopsis’ section is (I primarily use the Corkboard and Binder, not the Outline).