Troubleshooting Dropbox Syncing

I just read the new troubleshooting guide, but it doesn’t help me with my problem.

I’ve been using Scrivener for iPhone since shortly after it came out and I love it. I regularly edit documents on my phone when I’m out and about, but some things I like to do on my Windows laptop, so I’ve been syncing via Dropbox regularly.

However, for the past little while (at least two weeks, I’ve been cleaning out my mother’s estate and haven’t had time to research the problem), my Windows computer says that Dropbox is happy, the Dropbox icon on my phone thinks everything is just fine, but my Scrivener iPhone app gets stuck syncing file number 4 of 206. (I’ve tried a dozen times on different days, after turning off my phone, etc., so restarting isn’t going to help.) I don’t have any PDFs or Webpages or anything like that, just my text files and whatever Scrivener creates, so I don’t see how it can be a large file – besides, I’ve left my phone trying to sync all night long, and it says the same thing in the morning that it said at night. I’ve wondered whether something is corrupted, but I don’t know how I can figure out what it is.

I’d love your suggestions!

Hi LynnDarley,

Take a look at this thread and see if any of the suggestions work, particularly try this on your iPhone: Settings > Scrivener > Reset Scrivener > Clear Dropbox Sync Cache.

If none of that works, than you might want to try troubleshooting with a copy of your project. On your PC, create a copy of your project into your DropBox folder and then delete a doc at a time, closing and syncing for each doc, then try to sync on your iPhone and see if it works. Or do the opposite: On your PC create a new empty project, then copy in a doc at a time, closing and syncing for each doc, then try to sync on your iPhone and see if it works. The idea being to try to identify if one particular doc is causing the problem.

But that testing can be laborious, so hopefully the Clear Dropbox Cache works for you!

hope that helps,

Problem solved (I hope!).

I tried several times deleting the cache, but that didn’t solve anything.

Instead, on my desk top, I moved five projects out of DropBox. I chose those because they were the ones on my phone with a little x inside a red circle. Once I did that, Scrivener on my phone started to sync. However, I got a different error message — it didn’t like that my desktop was syncing at the same time. (I’d just recently added DropBox to my desktop in connection with retiring an old laptop.) So I paused DropBox on my desktop and restarted the phone sync. That worked! When I unpaused DropBox on my desktop, it got the phone version of those five projects.

Hopefully, I’m all set now.

Thanks for everyone’s help!