Troubleshooting import PDF


I’ve created a pdf in Word. Now I want to import it into the binder. Tried both dragNdrop and import files. It appears for a moment then it becomes just a big pane of black.

It’s fine as a pdf—opens in preview and adobe reader.
Sorry to trouble.


Mac High Sierra, Current Word, Current Scrivener.

Thank you

And you are importing it into Research in the Binder, not into the Draft section?


And you have tested standard solutions like restart your Mac and delete/reinstall Scrivener?

Restart yes. Delete and replace Scrivener? Seems kinda drastic. Is that the best suggestion out there?

Probably not but possible. How did you create this .pdf? ‘from Word” doesn’t tell me anything as there are a few ways to do that. Is it a Word 2016 or an earlier version? How large is the file?

I was experiencing the same issue, except that my PDF is downloaded from a journal and I was trying to import into Scrivener as I collect research for my dissertation. It seems that only that one PDF is giving me issue, other PDFs I have import fine. I’ve attached a screenshot of what it looks like on my end.

My Mac is running Sierra and I’m using Scrivener 2.

I don’t know the exact why, but when I’ve had trouble with a PDF in the past what worked for me was to open it in Preview app, export as PDF (File Menu) then import into Scrivener.