Troubleshooting TimeMachine to backup scrivener files

I tried to open an older version of one of my scrivener files from an external hard drive, saved in a TimeMachine backup, but got repeated error messages (pasted below). Any idea what’s caused this? I tried opening and saving from multiple backups and got the same result. And any recommendations for creating usable back-ups in TimeMachine?
“The document could not be opened.
Scrivener tried to rename the .scrivx file inside “/Users/kamillamilligan/Desktop/BOOK TITLE.scriv” to match the project name but could not. (When moving or copying files, it is possible for the internal .scrivx file - a file inside the .scriv package - to end up with a different name to the main project, which is fine and perfectly valid; Scrivener just renames it the next time the project is opened. In this case your file system is refusing to allow Scrivener to do this, however.) This is most likely caused by a permissions error, or because the media on which this project is stored is not writable.”

Have you restored the project folder to your local drive?

Tip make sure the project name you are restoring is not the same as one existing on your local drive or you are likely to overwrite it.

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Did you use the Time Machine interface to restore the entire project? Attempting to poke around in the Time Machine volume directly is likely to fail. Attempting to open the project directly from the Time Machine drive is pretty much guaranteed not to work.

Note that Time Machine may also have backed up Scrivener’s automatic backups, which are .ZIP files by default.

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Everything I was thinking and should have included in my ‘economical on words’ response :grinning: :grinning:

The following Apple article explains how to restore files from a TimeMachine backup.