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I Ask the Most Basic Questions, but where? [Windows8 Touchscreen]

Please send me to the proper Forum for true beginners, and where to learn ‘online etiquette’ to help reduce my ignorance here.

Where do I find basic help - all the tutorials and such think I already know what they are talking about.

I am “An Analog Girl in a Digital World” (thanks to balladeer Guy Clark for that line) and have no prior software experience. I am also slow to ‘get it’ on my new fangled touchscreen Windows8 Apps-riddled laptop that has my goat.

I found my way to a blank cork board and its’ 1x2 inch index cards - this is where I want to be! - but even when I name them and write in the Scene headers, I can not see them on Index cards…

Where do I turn for understandable help?

Thank you

Eden Grey

I believe you are in the correct forum.

An additional resource you might consider is Gwen Hernandez’s book/e-book Scrivener For Dummies, available via Amazon, etc. She also has a website and offers online classes.

You indicated this is on a laptop (i.e. still has physical keyboard and traditional touchpad and/or mouse). In this case, if Windows 8’s touchscreen/Metro tiled interface is unsatisfactory, I would suggest obtaining two five dollar utilities from Stardock:

  • Start8 (provides traditional Start button and lets one force Windows back to traditional user interface on startup, while still allowing toggling into Metro if so desire)
  • ModernMix (lets Metro style apps run within their own window within the traditional user interface).