Truly Bizarre Spacing Problem


Something crazy just happened. One of my scenes now copies in compile as a line or two per page. The scene looks all right in Scrivener but the minute it goes to Word, random page breaks are thrown in. I’ve tried changing the spacing from double to single and copying that. I still get the same result. Ditto for inserting the text into an RTF document.

Hope someone will have a suggestion.


Hello Jane,

What version of Scrivener are you using and what format are you compiling to? (RTF etc). This was a bug that occurred in previous versions but I thought it had been squished. Is there any reason why that scene is the one affected? Have you, for example, imported that scene into Scrivener?

Hi Stacey:

I just did a work-around in Word by deleting all formatting. That gave me a clean file I can stick in the compiled file.

Still, since there was a bug before, you may want the info about how this occurred.

I’m using 1.0.3.

All of my files have been imported. This is the only one I’ve had a problem with.

I’ve exported to both a Word file and an RTF file with no success.

One peculiar thing I’ve noticed –

In Word, I ran Reveal Formatting and then Show all Formatting Marks. In front of each section – I mean the one or two lines that were being displayed per page – there was a tiny black square. Never have seen that before.

If there is still a bug, hope this will help.


Thank you for the information Jane and the workaround. I shall send a link to the Windows Tech Support team so that they are aware of this problem.


Hi Jane–sorry I didn’t catch this one earlier. (Thanks, Stacey, for drawing it to my attention!) This doesn’t sound like the old beta bug, honestly, which was fixed–the symptom there was that the document compiled with something like a half-inch space between the margins, so nearly every word was on its own line; it created a lot of pages, but it didn’t insert page breaks as is happening here. This seems more like you had some page break characters–or characters that got treated as such–in the document itself, probably from the import. You may’ve already gotten rid of the original Scrivener document with this issue, but if not you could try turning on Format > Options > Show Invisibles and see if any blue horizontal lines show up on the page.

A quick test compiling a Scrivener document with an inserted page break to RTF and opening it in Word 2010 with the Show Formatting on looks like this:
Are these the black squares you were seeing? (If you had an extra blank line, they might be alone on a line above the text.)

As an update, in further testing I’ve found a bug in Scrivener whereby if you insert a carriage return in the paragraph immediately following a page break, you get…another page break! So my guess then is that you imported or inserted a single page break by accident and then carried on happily writing and making new paragraphs as normal, inadvertently replicating the page break down the page. Sorry about that!

Hi Jennifer:

Sorry to take so long answering your messages. I thought this was taken care of and only checked back because the symptom has presented itself again.

Re: the page break, I don’t have any page breaks at all so I would guess the bug you reference wouldn’t apply here.

About the blue lines, I clicked format, options, show invisibles on a half dozen scenes and only saw paragraph marks. No lines.

The little black boxes that you showed are identical to the ones I saw.

I’m now having more bedeviling compile problems which I detail in my Compile Loses Pages, Changes Format post of today. Hope you can help with those. Compile is turning out to be my bugaboo. It took me 3 hours today to fix all the spacing problems and insert chapter headings. No fun. :frowning:

Many thanks for your help. You, too, Stacey.