Trusting Dropbox

I have two projects which I dragged into Dropbox. When I did, it removes them from my projects window. So, I guess my question is, are my writing projects safe for me to work on in Dropbox? I was under the assumption I should have my projects on my iPad in Projects AND in Dropbox. It appears it’s either one or the other. I’m ready to work on both projects, but I want to make sure they’re safe and backed up appropriately. What do you iPad Scrivener writers do to keep your work safe?

The purpose of putting your Scrivener Projects (which are actually Apple Packages holding hundreds/thousands of files) is mainly to provide a way to sync to another device (MacOS or IOS).

I guess it also serves as a second copy, but it’s not a backup because if you get corruption or error anyway that corruption/error will propagate to all connected machines.

That is why Scrivener provides an automated backup process (see Preferences). I have my set to store up to 25 copies, both on open and close. These copies are Zipped files hold all the files of the project. I don’t keep those backups in the Dropbox folder, but instead have them in ~/Backups/Scrivener/ folder. That folder along with everything else on the machine is backed up regularly with Time Machine. I also have Backblaze running to give me offisite backup of the really important stuff.

I don’t quite understand what you did and what the projects window is, but if you keep all your projects in the local folder which Dropbox synch with it’s server, and not move them, then next time you open the project it will be in the “recents” list.

And yes, I think you can “trust Dropbox” … but I would’t store backups for no other reason than TimeMachine to a USB drive (and a second backup to local NAS) is better for lots of reasons.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t think I can do all of those backup using an iPad. The only place my stories reside is on this iPad. I think a Mac has more options. Maybe?
So, I worried if I lost my iPad, I would have nothing. If I had a way to have a copy in Scrivener on my iPad and the backup in Dropbox that I could sync at the end of the day, I would feel better about it. If my files somehow end up corrupted in Dropbox, they’re gone. What are other iPad Scrivener users doing for backup?

oops. my bad. was thinking Mac.

if you lost the ipad you have the iCloud backup of the entire machine to restore to the replacement?

and surely a way to sync with Dropbox.

Copying files on an ipad is another matter and I would have to experiment before advising.

Here’s some screenshots of how to save a backup to iCloud:

Hope these help!

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Thank you for the additional option!

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Projects you are syncing with Dropbox are still on your iPad. When you have enabled and set up Scrivener’s Dropbox ability, there will be two areas on the iOS main screen: One marked “Dropbox” and one marked “On My iPad”. Projects listed in both areas live on your iPad! I can see how the labeling of those two areas might have got you thinking otherwise.

The difference between them is that the former are setup for sync to Dropbox. For example, Scriv will check to see if those projects are the same as what Dropbox reports that it has (like if that project had been edited on some other device Scriv would alert you needed to sync your projects with Dropbox in order to be upto date. Similarly, of course, when you edit a project on your ipad and return here — Scriv knows you should sync your changes back to Dropbox.

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Information about backups for iOS Scrivener can be found here: