Trying to center title is As Is document in back matter when compile

I am compiling my first novel to burden my Beta Readers with and have got spacing and chapter titles the way I want, but in front matter and back matter want As Is which is supposed to preserve formatting, so have glossary title centered in file but does not center when compile book. Not sure where the disconnect is.

Did you use a style for the title maybe, one that would be changed to left alignment by the compile format’s Styles settings? As-Is only opts a section out from Section Layout stuff, other panels (such as Replacements and Styles) will still have an impact.

I have applied styles to the titles different from body of text and centered on As Is document and still title section gets skewed.

Sorry, I don’t really follow how I’m supposed to set up a test, from this data. Please modify this checklist to produce the result you’re seeing.

  1. Create a new blank project.

  2. Type “In the Middle” on the first line of the starter item, and use the stock “Centered Text” paragraph style.

  3. Press return and type, "To the left.

  4. File ▸ Compile..., change nothing but Compile for: PDF, and click Compile.

    See, we aren’t even using “As-Is” there, but it still works because styles are stronger than Section Layout formatting overrides.

  5. So we try that to see if as-is actually changes something against all logic. Back in compile overview, click Assign Section Layouts.

  6. For the “Section” section type, change its layout assignment to “As-Is” and click OK.

    We get the same correct result.

Thank you for your help I believe I had two issues. Number one I forget that the MOBI format by definition adjusts font and size based on ereader settings. Number 2 on not centering. With the title page I created a new blank title page and typed in the same information and centered it and it worked. So something on that page became corrupted. for my glossary page in the back matter, I deleted the title on the page opting to change layout to new As - Is layout called As- Is with title (includes title of file) and centered title in formatting which worked out fine. Suspect same page formatting issue, but being poor typist I took this route to fix.
This is my first book in Scrivener and still getting the hang of Formatting, but sent out to my beta readers in mobi, word and pdf formats based on preferences.
Thank you. You and all the staff are extremely helpful.
PS. I love Oliver’s webinars but do not understand why they are taken down so quickly rather than have months or years of webinars available for people.

I haven’t tested it, but I wonder if originally the centre-alignment was done with tab stops instead of paragraph alignment? Given how tabs don’t really work normally in an HTML context, that could explain how they get lost.