Trying to convince my wife to use Scrivener over Word


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About half a year a go I discovered Scrivener and immediately saw the strength and potential of it. And although I don’t need much use of it myself, I purchased it for my wife who is writing her PhD dissertation in the humanities. She initially liked it, especially to jot down and organize her ideas, etc. But now I see her use Word more and more, for funding requests, short papers, etc. I asked her why, and she said that it is just easier since she needs to send out everything as Word docs anyway. Going back and forward between the two is too confusing for her it seems, especially regarding last minute editing and implementing the changes and comments of her advisor, which is all in Word.

I’d like to see if I can convince her again to start using Scrivener more for her writing, since I think it would benefit her in the end. Any good arguments I can throw at her, especially regarding the often occuring Scrivener <-> Word conversion?


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This is sincere advice, from a long-married man.
In the computing department, let your mate do what she wants.
If you two ever collaborate, you can run the Scriv side, and she’ll be the Word maven.
I’ve tried for years to “convert” users to new software.
Some will accept changes readily, and others not.
And writing methods have much to do with habit and personality.


Yeah, I look at the task to determine what needs to be done, then select the right tool. In my case, I thoroughly enjoy Scriv. for editing our magazine. But if I write a short letter, it will be Nisus Writer Pro. And if I have to write a paper with footnotes and Hebrew, or a long document, then Mellel is the choice.

From a long time married guy, who also echoes druid’s post. Let’s see we passed our 41st anniversary three weeks ago.

Point well taken. Thanks! :exclamation:

I agree… Your wife has her ow mind, and if you’ve shown her scrivener, and she still wants to use word… Let her…

I converted my wife to macs years ago, it took a whole before she was happy and comfortable with them, but now, she tends to enjoy the ease of use vs pcs.

But she still uses excel heavily, and much as I’d love to get her using numbers on the mac… It’s never going to happen…

The best advise, for a happy marriage… Is leave well alone… :wink:

Who says Koen even wants a happy marriage!