Trying to Download Free Trial

I’m trying to download Scrivener for the free trial, and whenever I download it and then try to open it on my macOS, it states that ““Scrivener.dmg” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.”. Help!

If you’ve downloaded more than once and they are the same file size, it’s probably you Mac’s DMG system that is damaged, rather than the file. A simple reboot might fix the problem, but if not, here is an alternate link to a .zip file instead of .dmg.

Thanks, but when I try to download that it opens the zip to become a DMG and that is still not working. Any suggestions?

The link provided is a zip containing Scrivener as a full application. There is no DMG involved, so if you are seeing a DMG, it sounds as if there might be an issue with your Mac or with the sequence of events you are following (are you, perhaps, opening the old DMG rather than the zip/Scrivener?). If your Mac automatically unzips zipped files, you should just see Scrivener sitting in your downloads folder or on your desktop or wherever you download items to.

Have you tried cold booting the Mac to clear out any gremlins caught in cache?

Slàinte mhòr.

To expand on what @JoRo has said, if you’re using Safari as your browser—it may be true of others … I use Opera which doesn’t do this, or I’ve always had it turned off, which may be possible in Safari preferences—it will automatically unzip the download, so you should see, (you do have your finder set to show extensions, don’t you? Finder > Preferences > Advanced > Show all filename extensions.) in your Downloads folder and dumps the zip file in “Trash”. I believe Firefox does the same by default.