Trying to figure out stacking in corkboard

I’ve been using Scrivener for years but am just beginning to get into using the corkboard. The 3.1 manual says:

8.2.8 Stacked Corkboards
When more than one container of any type has been selected, the corkboard will switch to a special stacking mode displaying the contents of each container separated by a line.5By default, this will wrap each container’s section as though it were an individual corkboard; cards will be displayed according to the settings in corkboard options (subsection 8.2.6). You can also select between vertical or horizontal stacking by clicking on one of the left two buttons in the segmented control, found on the right side of the footer bar, near the view options button (Figure 8.24), which will display more selected containers on the screen at once, making it easier to get a large-scale overview of the contents of your work.

Grid: the traditional corkboard view mode.

Horizontal: places all of the cards within each container on a single row, so you can easily view them sequentially and scroll left or right to view subsections.

Vertical: as with horizontal, instead displaying each container as a single-
card column, scrolling left and right to view containers and up and down
to view cards.

The View ▸Corkboard Options ▸Number Per Section menu toggle is provided for use with stacked corkboards. When enabled, index card numbering will restart for each corkboard. When disabled, cards will be numbered sequentially across containers.

All of my containers are files; I don’t use folders. When I select several files in the corkboard, some of which have sub-files that are stacked within them, nothing happens. The Stacking Layout options menu does not appear, and the corkboard does not switch to a different stacking mode.

I’m sure I’m just misunderstanding what is supposed to happen. I assumed that selecting several files, some with sub-files, would arrange them as shown in the Figure 8.24 of the manual. If someone has a better understanding of this, could you help me out?

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I think All of them must be containers, either Folders or documents containing sub-documents.

Yes, @TomGoodell this is your issue.

Try Ctrl+selecting only containers. Stacking should kick in.

Then, to see what happens, Ctrl+select a non-container. Stacking should stop.

Deselect the non-container and stacking should start again.


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If an item has no sub-documents, its Corkboard is empty. So there’s nothing to stack.

Thanks to all! Now I get it—I have to select the containers in the binder, and only select containers. What I was trying to do we display a bunch of files, some of which were containers, in the Corkboard, then selecting some of those in the corkboard, not the binder. I’ve got it working now. Much appreciated.

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