Trying to get outline and synopsis

I am trying to modify the Synopsis Titles or Synopsis Outline compile to generate a chapter-numbers/title (for a folder) followed by title and synopsis for documents. I have succeeded but for one problem: no matter what I do the Chapter/Title comes up fine, followed by the first document title and its synopsis. Then Scrivener skips to the next page for subsequent documents. A sample is attached (the pdf), along with my Compile Separators. What am I doing wrong?

Open Circuit Rogers test5.pdf (24.5 KB)

You need to show the Contents pane as well.

Oh, my goodness. Did I look at the “new page” check box? The one I NEVER use? Of course not.

Thanks much for leading me to a slap-the-forehead solution
Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 9.31.14 AM.png