Trying to import a word doc into Scrivener

Hey there! Brand new to Scrivener and wanting to import my current project on Word into Scrivener, but when I click on the Import function under File, all options are grayed out and inactive. Help!

Click somewhere in the binder on the left and then try… Although it’s a bit odd that all of the import options are greyed out. Could you give more details? Oh, wait - you do have a Scrivener project open, right? You need to have a Scrivener project open, otherwise you don’t have anything to import them into. So go to File > New and create a new project, then import your files into that.

Also, I really recommend you go through the tutorial or check out some of the videos on this page - there’s one dedicated to importing:


Odd, I had the same problem my first Scrivener day. I had read the tutorial but not watched an videos. It might be one of those right brain/left brain things…or the fact that we’re used to importing other files (in other formats) INTO Word. Even if it gives an error message, at least it knows we’re there. Anyway, it’s the first thing that a lot of us try to do, so maybe it needs to be in BOLD!!!
Always hate to criticize this fantastic program and forum, but that might help.

What needs to be in bold? And where? In the tutorial? That you need a project open in order to be able to import a document? We have a whole video on it, and the tutorial does make it clear - if I emboldened everything in the tutorial that a user might miss, the entire thing would be in bold. :slight_smile:
All the best,

I know. I almost didn’t bring it up. I just thought it was odd that someone else was thwarted at this basic first step (if you’re starting with an existing Word file) as I was—and felt as dumb as I did when they realized what they were doing wrong. Sorry if I ruffled any feathers.