Trying to import files from Word 2007


I am trying to import my files from Word 2007. They are .docx. They are all in the same format. Some of them I don’t have any problems with, but with others I just get a gray background and the title. If I convert them into .txt it seems to work, but that screws up the format and takes forever. I tried so many times in different ways. Is scrivener recognizing that some of the files are badly written? Is scrivener trying to tell me something? But it’s all in Swedish…

Why is this happening to me? Help!

Hi mli,

I’m so sorry you’re running into this! There’s definitely an inconsistent bug with importing .doc and .docx files at the moment; Lee’s trying to pinpoint it and fix it. In the meantime, you should have more luck saving the files as .rtf and importing those–unlike .txt, that won’t destroy your formatting.

Any chance you could attach to a post or send to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com a sample of a file that imports correctly and one that doesn’t? It could help track down the cause.


Thank You!

I sent samples of the files to your support. Hope the can be of some help to you. Hope you don’t understand swedish … :wink:


Thanks very much! I just saw the email and replied. Unfortunately it looks like the attachments didn’t go through, so if you wouldn’t mind trying again I’d appreciate it. Thanks for being willing to share. (Don’t worry, I won’t read it!)