Trying to include chapter and section title from the binder in body text, <$PageGroupTitle> not working.

I would like to include the title that appears in the binder as part of the body text in both my chapters and sections.

I tried including <$PageGroupTitle> in the body text, but I get the following error that appears (about 30 lines AFTER where <$PageGroupTitle> appears in the body text):

! Extra }, or forgotten $. \taggedy .... See: Tagging Setup {<$sectiontitle>}

Also, for some reason, when compiled, the Scrivener code “<$PageGroupTitle>” is converted to “<$sectiontitle>” in the .tex file???

What am I missing?
Thanks, :slight_smile:

Are you just trying to get the section title from the Binder displaying at the start of the chapter as a title? Or are you trying to have it in a paragraph of text, as some kind of reference or something?

Hi RobG,

I am trying to have the chapter or section title from the Binder displayed in a paragraph of text.

The text is part of a text message controlled by the \iftagged command:


{..."alternate code" ...)*


{..."base code" ...)


where “SkipThisSection” is a tag set in the preamble to control whether the “alternate code” or “base code” will be typeset.

  • The “alternate code” is a message that includes the Binder title to indicate that the “alternate code” will be typeset instead of the “base code”)

The message serves as a reminder that a chapter or section of text has been skipped over to speed up project typesetting as part of an effort to debug a particularly narly error in my reference/bibliography section.

Thank you for responding, and thank you for helping me clarify my original posting.

My apologies for what may have a simple, obvious answer, but I did not find one that seemed to work.

OK, <$pageGroupTitle> is for use in Headers and Footers. Have you tried <$title>?


<$title> worked PERFECTLY !! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I found the <$title> placeholder reference in page 626, 3rd paragraph, of the Scrivener Manual for the Macintosh.

There are other placeholders listed in “Table 24.2 Useful Header and Footer Placeholders” of the manual, but the <$title> placeholder is NOT listed there.

Is there a comprehensive master table somewhere that lists ALL placeholders??

Thank you SSsssoooo much!

P.S. Never mind … I now see the “List of All PlaceHolders…” in the Scrivener HELP menu, with <$title> listed under “Document Variables” along with all the other placeholders - I’ll have to spend some time reviewing the list to see all the placeholders that are available … my apologies! :blush:

Yes, in the program, under Help.

There’s a list of all placeholders in the Help menu. It also explains how each one functions.

I’m glad it worked.