Trying to process upgrade purchase: Wrong browser/IE forced?

On Win10. Installed the current v3, and after entering my old (v1-era) license & getting the discount key, clicked “buy.” The Paddle store window opens, but refuses to open the payment window in the default browser, instead forcing open IE (which isn’t at all configured or ever used on this machine). Since I’d like to pay with Paypal - which is already logged into Paypal - this seems less than desirable.
Is this normal behavior?

Apparently L&L’s payment processer Paddle has ‘hardcoded’ IE into their payment process. :blush:

My understanding is that L&L is working with them to change this.

That said, I used the IE window to make the PayPal payment and it worked fine for me.

But if you want an alternative payment method, see the final post in this thread;


Hope this helps.

Thanks, Jim, that’s helpful.