Trying to re-create my view in Scrivenings mode to Compile output

I use compile to produce different documents like Director’s shoot outlines, scripts, prompter files, etc from a master Scrivener document of an entire project successfully. However, what I have yet to seem to be able to get accomplished is getting pretty much the exact same view I see when in scrivening mode outputted to a compile file. What I want it to look like (or I should probably say “include” to be clearer) can be seen in this screen grab:


Obviously the coloring options I’ve chosen can be ignored in the compile, but can anyone help me get what is in those yellow bars (which are the titles of the cards/subdocuments I use when in cork board mode) to appear in the compiled document? I can’t seem to get those “turned on” for inclusion when customizing a compile format.

Thanks in advance for any help with that. Much appreciated!

Turn on Title (a checkbox in the layout) or include <$title> in the Prefix.