Trying to Register But Scrivener Freezes

Hi and thanks in advance.
I just bought a license for a friend who is a beginner at Scrivener. She has Windows Scrivener (on Windows 8.1), I have a Mac Scrivener. (It’s my favorite piece of software, the best of the best, and I recommend it with 5 stars to everyone.)
Anyway: We made a few projects, and then we tried to enter the Name and Serial Number.
Unfortunately, after entering the name and serial number (carefully to get it right)
Scrivener opened a smaller window, and gave us this message “Product Activation Required”
and then when we closed that window, the Scrivener project screen was frozen – not one of the buttons on the screen could be pushed. We could see all our files in the project, but we could not take any action.
After force quitting Scrivener, then starting Scrivener again – same problem – all the buttons / menus are frozen – nothing can be done, not even closing Scrivener.
We restarted the computer – same problem.
I thought for sure I could fix this, by A. uninstalling Scrivener, and then B. downloading a new Scrivener, and then C. entering the registration serial number.
But I only got as far as “B.” … From this new intstallation of Scrivener, after I created a new Scrivener project, then everything was frozen as before: I could not activate the Product Registration window.
Thanks so much for help in getting this gift Scrivener up, running, and registered !

Hi, I’m getting a similar problem, my PHD project got frozen and I’m desperate, none or the Scriniver buttons work anymore. Did you solve your problem? Please help me I’m due to send my PHD tesis this month, please anyone help me!