Trying to retrieve a lost rtf from my Carbonite backup

On Jan 17, after writing a long scene, I inadvertently copied over the new scrivx project with an older one from my flash drive, and I’ve been trying to find that scene on my Carbonite backup drive. It would help to know more about how Scrivener writes and overwrites things.

It seems to me that this file ought to be there, because carbonite backs up every time it sees a new file, and I saved while working about 10 times as well as when I closed out, before the disastrous copy. But thus far, none of the earlier versions I’ve found are any different. Oddly, they are all either the version from Jan 10, the older version inadvertently copied over the newer one, or from Jan 20, when I started trying to recover the files.

I was able to restore a version of the project.scrivx from the correct date, but I don’t know what to do with it. I can’t call it up with Scrivener 1.55.

It probably didn’t help that I wrote a few more scenes before I realized that 3 was missing :slight_smile:

Any advice greatly appreciated. JanisB
My WISH LIST: recently opened projects list includes drive
open project browsing lists details (e.g. size, date)

Thanks for your help. This is a great program, but I’ve now lost 2 files (one from a power failure that corrupted the rtf) and I see from searching that lost files are pretty common. So another suggestion for the WISH LIST is this.
First manual save renames old rtf to bak or something similar. New file ext is then rtf. Always 2 version of each file in the Docs folder this way, if one gets corrupted or lost