Trying to Scapple the movie No Country for Old Men


Does anybody know where I can find examples of Scapple being used to make drawings of (sub)plot lines?

For example: Which is the plot in the movie No Country for Old Men? And which are its subplots?

And how can these plots be shown in a diagram made with Scapple?

Thanks in advance for your tips and advice!

Cheers - Jan Wybe.

Here is a sample outline of NCFOM from LitCharts. You can get the PDF for free.
I guess you could copy each text box then connect them using the color number reference boxes for plot lines. It would takes some work, but it would be interesting to see how the finished connected diagram would look like.

Here’s how I do it:

Dear Sageimac; dear Pigfender,

Many thanks for your valuable responses; that was precisely what I was hoping for!

Kind regards - Jan Wybe.