Trying to search on customer metadata

I added a custom field for POV and now I want to search for all the items with that POV in order of the book. I can’t figure out how to search for POV=x and not just search for x. Help?

I’m not sure you can inside Scrivener.

I’d like the same capability, but it seems to be missing. I can include the custom fields in the text and compile, and search the result, but I don’t know a way to search the custom metadata itself. Or, for that matter, the synopses. Search does not work in outline or corkboard modes, either.

Indeed search custom meta data is already implemented. Make sure that you already have custom meta data entries, or create some via Project > Project Settings > Custom Metadata. For example two fields with the names “My Text Metadata”, “My Date Metadata”.

Click the toolbar search icon(or choose Edit > Find > Search in Project). Click the blue search icon inside the search field to show the search options popup menu. After the “Section Type” you will get two more entries “My Text Metadata”, “My Date Metadata”. Selecting them will allow you searching within your custom metadata fields. We support searching in all field types, and not only in the text fields.


Thanks. I would never have thought to click on the search icon to find search options. Far from intuitive (to me; perhaps to others it is), but if that’s where it is, well, okay.